Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about water hauling and bulk water delivery.
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Q: How many gallons do I need to fill my swimming pool?

A: Feel free to reference this free online volume calculator to help determine the estimated number of gallons needed!

Q: How many gallons is each delivery?

A: Our tank holds 2,000 gallons.

Q: How close do you need to be to unload?

A: Our hoses can reach up to 300 feet but we can accommodate further distances if needed, just let us know ahead of time!

Q: Why shouldn't I fill my swimming pool, spa, etc. from my tap?

A: If you have a well - you need to make sure that your well pump and control unit are up to the task of providing the necessary amount of water (depending on what you're filling). These devices typically pump small amounts of water for short periods of time before having a chance to cool off. A sudden large increase in continuous pumping can cause these units to fail. Your well may not have the capacity or fill rate to support your needs. In these cases, bulk water delivery can be a safer and more affordable option to you.

If you have city water - depending on your location, filling your swimming pool with city water may be expensive and slow going. Depending on your garden hose water pressure and size of pool, filling could take several days. Also, many cities and towns change wastewater or sewer water fees, even if the water is not entering the municipal wastewater system. You can reach out to your city's Utilities division to see about having a temporary water meter installed to calculate water usage, minus the wastewater fees but that can be just as timely as that is not normally a top priority for their workers so you would still be looking at additional days potentially before your pool would be filled and usable.

In either of these situations, bulk water delivery can be the safe, convenient, and affordable option for you. Our service removes the worry that your plumbing might fail, or that you’ll incur an expensive and unexpected charge, either from your city’s water department or from well equipment failure.

Q: Can your water be used in salt water pools?

A: Yes, but we advise you to check with your pool maintenance company on the salinity needs of your specific pool.

Q: How quickly can I get a delivery?

A: We strive to service our customers as quickly as possible, and we should be able to get you on the schedule within a couple days. Please keep in mind however that Summer is our busiest time of the year and suggest that you give us as much notice as possible when planning on opening your pool for the year or having one installed. This helps to ensure you have water delivered when you want it.